Singing requires strength and flexibility. Beginners, professionals and emerging artists all require effective tools to minimize strain and increase vocal range. Pop stars, rappers, R&B and Funk singers, and Jazz crooners need to harness a combination of power and pliability to execute a song with greatness. A positive mindset is the cherry on top, the final variable that allows your music to soar. 

Hi, my name is Pyeng Threadgill and I am a voice and movement coach, as well as a professional vocalist and writer. I want to help you establish a healthy vocal technique and practice, suitable for any style of music. Growing up in the performing arts has afforded me a unique perspective as an instructor on how to avoid minor vocal injuries in conjunction with nurturing the body and mind. Utilizing easy and effective exercises from Somatic Voicework, the LoVetri Method (a body based vocal training program), and the Alexander Technique, you will deepen your awareness to achieve a powerful vocal instrument. Email or call today for voice coaching focused on authentic (self) connection and SOUL-ful expression.

To find out how to book an intro session, please reach out today!