I have a new Website


I have a new website!…and it’s my birthday!...and today there’s a supermoon…largest in 70 years!…I'm lovin' it! How about you? Please peruse the site and let me know where you spent your time and what more you would like to see. 

Thank you to the wonderful work of  Salty Anchor DesignAria IsadoraKate SondersMimi KamaraPaula Witman, Nhumi Threadgill and other friends/family. 


  • I am working on a new album and I hope you will join me. I always I believe you are in the band. Please write to join me in the writing, recording and pressing of my new multi media project "Head Full of Hair, Heart Full of Song". This album is like my other baby. I look forward to sharing so many of the stories that impress upon young, women oF African descent today. Email to find out more about hair, adornment and ancestry. 

  • I am super excited to be a new voice over artist for Access Talent a NYC based voice over and spoken word agency.  

  • I also I just recorded my first audio book with Hachette Audio Look for “The Evening Road” by Laird Hunt coming out in 2017.


The Election has happened. Yes....exhale....and now, it’s time to get to work! Together, we are limitless. Connect to one another and make some positive collective change by visiting some of the links below.